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Investment Propositions

The principles of good investment management apply regardless of the sums involved and what you want to achieve for your clients.

Hopefully, you will agree that the overall client proposition might be defined as providing holistic financial planning advice to your clients to help them reduce tax, improve investment returns and achieve their financial objectives without unnecessary exposure to risk.

The investment proposition objective is therefore to improve investment returns without unnecessary exposure to risk.  One of the key principles to help achieve this is to ensure good governance is applied and that you have a clearly defined and documented Centralised Investment Proposition ‘CIP’ strategy. This will only help to demonstrate to both your clients and the regulator that you have a ‘robust and repeatable’ investment proposition that all advisers within the same company can adhere to, which should help to result in good client outcomes.

After many years of designing and developing a CIP for a Chartered Financial Planning practice with funds under management in excess of £250 million, we have the resource, skills and experience to help you in establishing or developing your own CIP.

This can include but not be limited to:


Reviewing your own existing CIP, either independently, or against the CPS CIP to identify synergies or gaps in the process.  This will largely deal with the advice process generally in terms of documenting:

  • Attitude to investment risk/factfinding
  • Ability to bear loss analysis
  • Asset Allocation and Model Portfolio Strategies
  • Fund selection process – active, passive, hybrid or ESG
  • Risk mapping and volatility management
  • Fund performance reporting, quarterly market updates and annual reviews


Assisting you in designing and implementing your CIP and either allow you to run it independently or with assistance from CPS.

Times are changing with increased regulation, whether it be via MiFID II, PRIIPS or PROD placing ever increasing demands on fund selectors or financial planners with  CIPs.  We have the resource and skills to help deliver the processes you are likely to need to demonstrate to the regulator that good client outcomes are at the forefront of your advice process.

Ancillary services include access to our ‘Sequencing of Return Risk’ modeller system.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.